Commercial air duct and grease extract cleaning services

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The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations require building owners and managers to ensure enclosed workplaces are ventilated with fresh and purified air and that, where this is provided by a mechanical ductwork system, it is regularly maintained, inspected and cleaned and a suitable record kept to support this compliance.
Grease extract ventilation cleaning reduces a risk of a fire within your premises. Our trained operatives will remove the build up of fatty deposits to ensure your ventilation system works at its optimum.

For the past 5 year HI Abseiling Ltd have worked closely with some of the largest duct-work cleaning and ventilation companies in the country. Developing safe systems and procedures for cleaning difficult to access duct-work risers. We have cleaned hundreds of risers many of which have never been accessed before. Our “Rig For Rescue” procedure ensures that all work is carried out in the safest possible manner.
With new fire safety law taking the responsibility of fire safety away from the fire authorities responsible person within a company, many people are finding peace of mind in knowing that previously unclear areas within their jurisdiction are now able to be reached and made safer.
Duct-work cleaning is a “confined space” procedure and as such treated with the all the due confined space considerations. All out operatives are trained and certified in this area and any work carried out is fully risk assessed in accordance with the HSE Management of Health at Work Regulations 1999.

If you are concerned about the regulations and would like proffesional advice or would like to book a clean of your ductwork Call us now on 0800 288 8018 (Freephone) 0207 205 2272 (Office) or fill out our online enquiry form.